What to expect from our new trademark search system (and why we’re replacing TESS)

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What to expect from our new trademark search system (and why we’re replacing TESS)

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The Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) has been a fixture of the USPTO's information technology portfolio for decades. Those of us in the trademark community have grown accustomed to it, and perhaps even grown fond of it over the years. Maybe you have field tags and design search codes memorized, and you can formulate complex search strings to pull up the exact mark you're looking for in a snap.

Although TESS has served us well, its long tenure is ending in November 2023. The Bibliographic Retrieval System that has underpinned our internal and external search systems since 1993 is now outdated. On the bright side, we now have an opportunity to provide a more stable, modern search experience that can grow and adapt to the ever-evolving needs of the trademark community.

Our new search system recently launched in beta, and we need your help to further its development. Our priority now, especially in the beta phase, is listening to your perspective on what works and what doesn't, in order to optimize your search experience. 

To this end, I encourage you to use, learn, and express your feedback and suggestions on the new search. Your feedback will guide how we prioritize and develop updates beginning in 2024 and continuing for the life of the search system:


We understand that acclimating to a new interface and search syntax takes time and look forward to holding several virtual events to help you get familiar with the new system: 

Thank you for the valuable feedback you've provided thus far, and please keep it coming. As we strive to transform your search experience for the better and to strengthen our IT infrastructure, we're grateful for your support and engagement.

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