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Friday Apr 15, 2011

March Dashboard Overview

Special Guest Blog by USPTO Commissioner for Patents Bob Stoll

The dashboard for the month of March has been released and is ready to be viewed on our website. Despite the uncertainties associated with this year’s funding, we continue to make steady progress toward our goals.

Traditional First Action Pendency increased to an average of 25.3 months in March. This uptick, from 24.5 last month, was expected since we are working to clear up the oldest applications from the backlog. The increase will continue until these cases are removed through our Clearing the Oldest Patent Applications (COPA) initiative. You can expect to hear more about COPA pretty regularly. We continue to see great progress on the number of first actions on cases older than 16 months. At the end of March there were 197,583 such cases. Meanwhile, Traditional Total Pendency decreased from 34.0 months in February to 33.9 months in March.

The Preliminary UPR filing data through March shows that 248,209 applications have been received this fiscal year. Last year at this time 232,468 applications had been received and current projections predict a 4.9% increase in filings this fiscal year over FY 2010. Meanwhile, the backlog of applications awaiting first office action by examiners decreased this month to 708,912. Finally, the allowance rate increased to 46.2% in March, which is 2% higher than this time last year. 

Thanks, as always, for your support and I look forward to your feedback.


Director Kappos, Kudos for the dashboard and for transparency on pendency without RCE-reset. It would be useful if the dashboard also displayed user-desired target values. The target values might be determined via online voting by registered USPTO users. For example, the "time to issue" could be shown relative to its target value on a time graph. Congress and the public would have an immediate overview of how the USPTO is doing.

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