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Public Comments for International Protection for Small Business Study

Intellectual Property Organizations

  1. American Intellectual Property Law Association (2011NOV08)
  2. Biotechnology Industry Association (2011OCT20)


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Academic and Research Institutions

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Law Firms

  1. Seyfarth Shaw (2011NOV07)

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  1. Power Clean 2000 (2011NOV09)

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  1. Carlson, David (2011OCT24)
  2. Freischem, Stephan (2011NOV08)
  3. Kesan, Jay (2011OCT31)
  4. McGarrigle, Philip (2011NOV01)
  5. Norviel, Vern (2011NOV01)
  6. Overhauser, Paul (2011OCT27)
  7. Palermo, Christopher (2011NOV01)
  8. Rosser, Roy (2011NOV03)
  1. Bahn, Patrick (2011NOV02)
  2. King, Timothy (2011OCT24)
  3. Kley, Vic (2011NOV08)
  4. Thomas, Neil (2011NOV08)
  5. Wren, Steve (2011NOV09)

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Hearing Transcript

October 27, 2011 Hearing Witness

Bahn, Patrick, TGV Rockets.

Caltrider, Steven, American Bar Association

Erck, Stanley, Novavax and the Biotechnology Industry Association

Kasper, Alan, Sughrue PLLC

King, Tim, IPG Photonics Corporation

Reed, Morgan,  Association for Competitive Technology

November 1, 2011 Hearing Witness

Dahiyat, Bassil, Xencor

Kesan, Jay, University of Illinois,

McGarrigle, Phil, Nodality, Inc.

Norviel, Vern, Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati.

O’Malley, Matt, Cenoplex

Palermo, Christopher, Hickman, Palermo, Troung & Becker

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