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Southeast Region

Time Speaking Engagement Location Speaker
 10/18/11  Frey Lecture: Building a 21st Century PTO in a Global Economy  Durham, NC  David Kappos, Director of USPTO
 01/11/12  Recent Developments in the USPTO Implementation of the America Invents Act  Atlanta, GA  
 01/12/12  USPTO Discusses Implementation of the America Invents Act  Atlanta, GA  
 02/16/12  University of South Florida - Annual Conference of the National Academy of Inventors  Tampa, FL  David Kappos, Director of USPTO
 02/16/12  Leahy-Smith America Invents Act  Tampa, FL  Hiram H. Bernstein, Senior Legal Advisor, Office of Patent Legal Administration


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First-Inventor-to-File Roadshows

09/16/2014  Concord, NH
09/18/2014 Madison, WI
09/23/2014 Alexandria, VA
09/30/2014 Dallas, TX
10/02/2014 Denver, CO
10/07/2014 Silicon Valley, CA
10/09/2014 Atlanta, GA



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