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OCFO Staff Contact Information

Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Name Direct Line Building/Room Fax
  Anthony Scardino, Chief Financial Officer   (571) 272-9200   MDW 10/D15   (571) 273-0095
  Frank Murphy, Deputy Chief Financial Officer   (571) 272-9200   MDW 10/D19   (571) 273-0095
  Michelle Picard, Senior Advisor for Financial Management   (571) 272-9200   MDW 10/C15   (571) 273-0095
  Sarah Brown, Financial Program Analyst   (571)-272-9200   MDW 10/D24   (571) 273-0095
  Jackie Maxfield, Staff Assistant   (571)-272-9200   MDW 10/C19-C   (571) 273-0095


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Office Of Finance

  Name   Building/Room   Telephone   Email
  Mark Krieger, Director,
  Office of Finance
  CPL 3200   (571) 272-6339
  Dennis Detar, Director,
  Financial Reporting and Analysis Division
  CPL 3210   (571) 272-6323
  Tom Hellmer, Director,
  Financial Accounting Division
  CPL 3426   (571) 272-6331
  Matthew Lee, Director,
  Receipts Accounting Division
  CPL 4200   (571) 272-6343
  Steve Porter, Director,
  Activity Based Information Division
  CPL 3230   (571) 272-6355


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Office of Planning and Budget

  Name   Building/Room   Telephone   Email
  Brendan Hourigan, Director,
  Office of Planning and Budget
  MDE 07/A11   (571) 272-8966
  Bonita Royall, Director,
  Budget Formulation and
  Performance Management Division
  MDE 07/A25   (571) 272-4302
  Dianne Buie, Director,
  Forecasting and Analysis Division
  MDE 07/A21   (571) 272-6301
  Scott Ewalt, Director,
  Budget Execution Division
  MDE 07/A19   (571) 272-6006


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Office of Financial Management Systems

  Name   Building/Room   Telephone   Email
  Gita Zoks, Director,
  Office of Financial Management Systems
  CPL 3800   (571) 272-6363
  Greg Eslinger, Director,
  Core Financial Systems Operations Division
  CPL 3238   (571) 272-6325
  Ana Medina, Director,
  Financial Systems Operations Division
  CPL 3604   (571) 272-6346
  Carol Stout, Director,
  Program Management Division
  CPL 3404   (571) 272-6357


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Office of Procurement


  Name   Building/Room   Telephone   Email
  Scott Palmer, Director,
  Office of Procurement
  MDE 07/D07   (571) 270-7149
  Kate Kudrewicz, Senior Advisor,
  Office of Procurement
  MDE 07/A05   (571) 272-6575
  John Bardwell, Chief,
  Patents and Trademarks Acquisition Division
  MDE 07/D05   (571) 272-6567
  Sylvia Van Dyke, Chief,
  IT Acquisition Division
  MDE 07/B03   (571) 272-6568
  Chris Hannah, Chief,
  Corporate Services Acquisition Division
  MDE 07/D41   (571) 272-6555
  Loren Howcroft, Chief,
  Policy Analysis and Liaison Division
  MDE 07/D03   (571) 270-1625


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