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Subject Telephone Fax TTY
Technology Center
  See  Patent Technology Centers  page  
Terminal Disclaimers 571-272-3282    
Trademark Affidavits      
   Of Use (Section 8) 571-272-9500    
   Of Incontestability (Section 15) 571-272-9500    
   Correction to Registration (Section 7) 571-272-9500    
Trademark Applications
See Applications, Trademark
Trademark Assignments
  See Assignments
Trademark Assistance Center (TAC)
Send e-mail:
   Trademark Assistance Center
   Madison East (Concourse Level)
   600 Dulany Street
   Alexandria, VA 22314
   8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Mon.-Fri.)
   except Federal Holidays
Trademarks, Commissioner for   571-272-8901 571-273-0029  
Trademark Copies (Certified or Uncertified)
   See Copies 
Trademark, Deputy Commissioner for Examiner Policy 571-272-8901 571-273-0029  
Trademark, Deputy Commissioner for Operations  571272-8901 571-272-0029  
Trademark Documents (Certified or Uncertified)
 See Patent and Trademarks Office Documents (certified or Uncertified) 
 Trademark Electronic Application System
Trademark Filing Receipt
Filing Receipt, Trademark  
Trademark Law Offices 
 See Trademark Law Offices  
Trademark, Madrid Processing Unit 571-272-8910 571-273-0091  
Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP)  
  Content Questions
Trademark, Petitions Office  
   See Petitions, Trademarks
Trademark, Pre-Examination Unit
  See Pre-Examination Office of (Trademark)
Trademark Products 571-272-5600 571-273-0110  
Trademark, Post Registration Unit 571-272-9500 571-273-9500  
Trademark, Program Control Office 571-272-7200    
Trademark Quality Review   571-272-9222 517-273-9222  
Trademark, Quality and Training 571-272-9658    
Trademark Search Library
  See Public Search Facility
Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) 571-272-8500 571-273-8500  
   Training Facility, Madison West   571-272-7222 571-273-0069  
   Public Users of Automated Systems 571-272-3275    
  See STIC
TTY Questions     800-877-8339

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