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Subject Telephone Fax TTY
Parking, Colonial Parking 703-683-3140    
Patent Academy
  See Training Facility, Madison West
Patent and Trademark Office Documents
(Certified or Uncertified)
Patent and Trademark Resource Centers (PTRC) 571-272-5750 571-273-0088  
Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) Technical Support 571-272-4100
Patent Applications
  See  Applications, Patent
Patent Assignments
  See  Assignments
Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)      
  General Information 571-272-4300 571-273-0419  
Patent Copies (Certified or Uncertified)
  See Copies
Patent Documents (Certified or Uncertified)
 See Patent and Trademark Office Documents (certified or Uncertified)
Patent Electronic Business Center
(P-EBC) Customer Service Center

  Send e-mail to:
 Patent Electronic Filing System
Send e-mail to:
 Patent Examining Groups
  See Appropriate  Patent Technology Center

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Subject Telephone Fax TTY
Patent Filing Receipt
  See Filing Receipt, Patent
Patent Grant, Non-Receipt  
  See Application Assistance Unit
Patent Products (Electronic) 571-272-5600 571-273-0110  
Patent Statistics 571-272-5600 571-273-0110  
Pre-Grant Publication/18-month Publication under AIPA
  See Application Assistance Unit
Patent Technology Monitoring Team (Patent Statistics)
  Send e-mail to:
571-272-5600 571-273-0110  
Patent Term Adjustment 571-272-7702 571-273-8300  
Patent Term Extension 571-272-7702 571-273-8300  
Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) 571-272-9797 571-273-0053  
Patented Files 703-756-1800    
PatentIn Software Program Support
  See Patent Electronic Business Center  
(PCT) Patent Cooperation Treaty      
  See Human Resources, Office of


Subject Telephone Fax TTY
Petitions, Patent 571-272-3282 571-273-0025  
   Abandonment, Withdrawal of Examiner's Holding of 571-272-3282    
   Abandonment, Withdrawal for Failure to Pay Issue Fee
     See Application Assistance Unit
   Abandonment, Withdrawal for Failure to Perfect Drawings
  See Application Assistance Unit
   Access to Application Files
    See Application Assistance Unit
   Amendment After Payment of Issue Fee
     See Appropriate  Patent Technology Center Director
   Amendment, Refusal to Enter
     See Appropriate  Patent Technology Center Director
   Appeals Reinstated, Appeal Dismissed by Technology Center
     See Appropriate  Patent Technology Center Director
   Attorney, withdrawal of During Prosecution 571-272-3282    
   Certificate of Correction, Refusal to Issue
      See Appropriate  Patent Technology Center Director
   Concurrent Ex Parte and/or Inter Partes Proceedings 571-272-9797    
   Disclaimers to Overcome Rejection
     See Appropriate  Patent Technology Center Director
   Examiner's Requirements or Holdings, Review of
     See Appropriate  Patent Technology Center Director
   Expunge Papers
    See Appropriate  Patent Technology Center Director
   Extensions of Time      
     During Pendency at Board of Patent  Appeals
  and Interferences
     During Pendency in Technology Center
      See Appropriate  Patent Technology Center Director
     In Court Matters 571-272-9035    
     To Appeal to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) or Commence a Civil Action 571-272-9035    
Filing Date 571-272-3282    
Final Rejection, Premature
     See Appropriate  Patent Technology Center Director
  Access to Applications, Unopened Preliminary Statements 571-272-9797    
  From Action by a Primary Examiner or an Interlocutory 571-272-9797    
  Institute an Interference
      See Appropriate  Patent Technology Center Director
  Late Settlement Papers 571-272-9797    
  Priority Papers in Patent Application 571-272-9797    
  Reconsideration of Decision on Motion 571-272-9797    
Issuance, Defer 571-272-3282    
Late Payment        
  Issue Fee 888-786-0101
  Maintenance Fee 571-272-6500    
License to File in Foreign Countries
     See Director,  Patent Technology Center 3600
   Limited Recognition to Prosecute Specified
  Application(s) See  Enrollment and Discipline
   Make Special      
      Within Jurisdiction of Board of Patent Appeals  and Interference 571-272-9797    
      Based Upon Age or Health of Applicant 571-272-3282    
      All others
    See Appropriate  Patent Technology Center Director
   Multiple Reissue Applications 571-272-4200    
   Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Applications 571-272-4300 571-273-0419  
   Priority Papers, After Payment of Issue Fee 571-272-4200    
   Priority Papers, Return of
       See Appropriate  Patent Technology Center Director
   Reexamination Petitions 571-272-9797    
   Rehearing, Reconsideration, or Modification of Board Decision 571-272-9797    
   Rejection, Premature Final
       See Appropriate  Patent Technology Center Director
  Reopen Prosecution After Decision by Board of
  Patent  Appeals and Interferences
       See Appropriate  Patent Technology Center Director
   Restriction Requirement
        See Appropriate  Patent Technology Center Director
   Revive and Abandoned Application 571-272-8950    
   Supervisory Authority of Commissioner, Invoke in
   Matters Concerning the Patent Examining Operation
   Suspension of Action, Second or Subsequent
       See Appropriate  Patent Technology Center Director
  Suspension of Rules Relating to the Examining of
   Withdraw from Issue   571-272-3282    

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Subject Telephone Fax TTY
Petitions, Trademark      
   General     571-272-8950 571-273-8950  
   Status        571-272-5400 703-746-3000  
Post-Registration Information, Trademarks 571-272-9500 571-273-9500  
Pre-Examination, Office of (Trademark)    571-272-9598 571-273-9598  
Pre-Grant Publication Division
  See Application Assistance Center  
Presentation Patent 800-972-6382
Press-Related Questions
See Office of Public Affairs
Products and Services Catalog, USPTO      800-786-9199
Program Control, Office of (Trademark) 571-272-7200 571-273-7200  
Provisional Applications for Patent, General Information 800-786-9199
Public Affairs, Office of 571-272-8400 571-273-0340  
Public PAIR  
See Patent Electronic Business Center (P-EBC)   
Public Records Customer Service Representatives   
  Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Public Search Facility (Patent and Trademark)   
   Location:   Madison- East, 1st Floor
   600 Dulany St.
   Alexandria, VA 22313
   Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
   (except Federal   holidays) No staff assistance after 6:00 p.m.
571-272-3275 571-273-0021  
Public Training (Automated Search Systems) 571-272-3275 571-273-0021  
Public Service Window, Patents
  See Customer Service Window (Patents)
Public Service Window, Trademarks
  See Trademark Assistance Center  
Publications (USPTO), General Information 800-786-9199
571-273-3245 800-877-8339


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