Research Agenda

1. Relating IP to economic growth, performance and employment, including IP and entrepreneurship, and IP and economy-wide growth

This effort includes OCE research in the form of working papers and published articles, conferences, and reports that will address technology entrepreneurship and the role that IP plays in the broader economy, in creating and supporting the conditions for investment and growth.

  • Intellectual Property and the U.S. Economy: Industries in Focus, a report jointly authored by the Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA) and the USPTO
  • 4th - 6th Annual Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference, cohosted by Searle Center
  • 2011 Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship in Medical Devices: A Joint Conference between USPTO & Stanford University
  • May 3-4 2012 Conference on Patents, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

2. IP in De facto Standards, Standard setting and Standards policy

This effort includes OCE research in the form of working papers and published articles, as well as conferences and outreach with communities of interest.

  • January 20-21, 2012 Conference on Standards, Patents, and Innovation, cohosted with National Bureau of Economic Research
  • 2011 Patent Statistics for Decision Makers Conference
  • The Case for Standard Measures of Patent Quality by. D. Kappos and S. Graham

3. Researching the economics of trademarks and trademark examination

This effort supports greater analysis of trademarks and trademark data in economics. Topics of interest include the consequences of relative-grounds examination, trademark renewal, and trademark assignments.

4. Understanding the economics of USPTO initiatives

A joint research project with the UKIPO to consider the economic costs - both to patent offices and to the economic system more generally - associated with patent examination backlogs resulting in a comprehensive report in collaboration with the UKIPO

  • Patent Backlogs, Inventories and Pendency: An International Framework, June 2013, Co-authored with the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office
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5. Analyzing the role that IP plays in the markets for technology and knowledge

This area of research investigates the role played by IP in facilitating the burgeoning markets for technology and knowledge, including the role of patent and trademark assignments, and the role played by patent examination quality and timely grants in knowledge markets. Ongoing efforts include creating and linking data on patent assignments, market transactions, and other economic data.